Westcountry Classic Vehicle Club (WCVC)

Membership Details and Data Protection . The new Data General Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018 and will replace the existing DPA. All organisations are legally obliged to protect any personal information they hold. WCVC will only hold details of its members which it needs to contact them, i.e. name, address, phone number and email address, in as far as each member is willing to supply these details.
These details should normally only be available to WCVC officers of the club who need to carry out their legitimate tasks for the club. e.g Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, as appropriate. 
We use members’ data for the administration of your membership; the communication of information i.e. newsletter via post and email and the organisation of events.
WCVC do not divulge members information outside of the club. Your club and members’ data is recorded in our membership database, which is stored in digital form on a computer, password protected and held via a club officer. Email addresses stored online are password protected and when sending out newsletters are email via BCC, so protecting the member’s email address.  Any written documents are stored with the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer in a secure location, as appropriate. 
If you want to see the basic membership data we hold about you, you should contact the Membership Secretary .
your membership data can be deleted or corrected.
Under the GDPR we do not have a statutory requirement of have a Data Officer. The person who is responsible ensuring WCVC discharges its obligation under the GDPS is the Chairman.
Full information about the new GDPR can be found on other websites, plenty to select from. Also waiting to hear from FBHVC to act on advice when received.

Sue Baker